Circulation Verification

Circulation Verification

Circulation verification, overseen by the Press Registrar of India (PRI), is a vital process integral to the conducive environment for the print media industry in the country. The primary objective of this verification process is to authenticate the accuracy of the annual circulation figures as stated by the Publisher in the Annual statements, thus upholding the transparency and actual reach of a newspaper in the public.

The claimed circulation figures are scrutinized by the PRGI during the verification process, cross-checking the data related to circulation, accounts, Newsprint consumption and distributors etc as submitted by the publishers. This meticulous cross-verification serves to reinforce the reliability and accuracy of the circulation figures provided, contributing to the overall integrity of the information.

As per the PRP Act 2023, one key aspect of the verification process is the emphasis on regularity in submitting publications for verification. Maintaining a consistent and timely submission schedule is imperative, as this regularity becomes a determining factor during the approval process. 

Furthermore, the approval for Circulation Verification is not solely based on the accuracy of the claimed circulation figures; it takes into consideration the publication's adherence to regulatory norms outlined by the PRI. Publishers are encouraged to demonstrate compliance with these norms to facilitate a smooth verification process.

In cases where publishers maintain consistent regularity and follow the prescribed guidelines, PRG is also working to provide online desk-based CV assessment. This will soon streamline the verification process for publications that have established a track record of compliance and credibility in their regularity submissions

Ultimately, the Circulation Verification process is a critical mechanism for upholding the credibility of the print media sector in India. By ensuring that claimed circulation figures are accurate and align with regulatory norms, this process contributes to the establishment of a trustworthy media environment in the country.