Registration of Periodicals

Registration of Periodicals

The streamlined process of registering newspapers in India under the PRP Act 2023 has been designed for simplicity and efficiency. To initiate the registration, individuals seeking to publish are required to submit an online application through the Press Sewa Portal. Beginning with the creation of an account on the portal, individuals assume the role of owner. Within this account, the owner is prompted to select a title, location, and language of publication, all while adhering to the provided title guidelines.

Following this, the owner appoints a publisher for the publication through the online Press Sewa Portal. Once appointed, the owner may instruct the publisher to complete the main registration form. The publisher, using their own account, fills out the form and designates the printing press. It is imperative that the selected press already holds an account on the Press Sewa Portal; otherwise, the keeper (owner/manager) of the press should create an account promptly.

Upon the payment of a ₹1000 fee in the Press Sewa Portal, the application is officially submitted, and a unique Applicant Reference Number (ARN) is assigned. It is noteworthy that the publisher is granted a three-day window to make corrections to the submitted application; however, no corrections can be made after this period. Once the 3-day window concludes, the application proceeds to the PRG office and SA office for further processing.

In the event of any deficiencies in the application, the Office of the Press Registrar issues a letter through the Press Sewa Portal detailing these deficiencies within a stipulated period. The State Authority may also contact the publisher through their chosen online or offline medium.
Upon verification that the options chosen by the publisher align with guidelines and are not similar or identical to any other title in the PRG database, and if no other deficiencies are identified, the Press Registrar General issues a registration certificate after receiving comments from the Specified Authority.

For any complications arising in the issuance of the registration certificate, the office of the Press Registrar allows the publisher a 10-day window to file a reply. Publishers can conveniently submit their responses through the Press Sewa portal within this timeframe.

It is crucial to emphasize that the registration process remains incomplete until comments are received from the specified authority. To ensure a smooth application process, Publishers and Owners are advised to thoroughly review all guidelines on the PRG website or watch the comprehensive instructional video released by PRG. For any further assistance, publishers can readily contact the PRG office.

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