What We Do

What We Do

Periodical Registration: PRG plays a pivotal role in facilitating the registration of newspapers and periodicals under the PRP Act 2023. Through Press Sewa portal, we strive to create a user-friendly and efficient system for publishers to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. PRGI issues Certificates of Registration to newspapers published under valid applications.

Compiling Insights for "Press in India": Our core function involves compiling and analyzing Annual Statements submitted by publishers. These statements form the basis of our annual report, "Press in India," offering a comprehensive snapshot of the country's print media landscape.

Ensuring Compliance with PRP Act, 2023: PRG executes statutory functions, including the compilation and maintenance of a Register of Newspapers, issuance of Certificates of Registration, scrutiny and analysis of annual statements, coordination with State Authorities for checking the authenticity of applications, and ensuring newspapers adhere to the PRB Act, 1867 and its rules.

Verification and Reporting: We verify circulation claims submitted by publishers, ensuring accuracy and adherence to Section 6(b) of the PRP Act. 

Newsprint Allocation Policy: As part of our non-statutory functions, we also provide authentication of self-declaration for newsprint