Facsimile edition

Process for the Registration of Facsimile edition of a foreign publication is as below:

  1. Application on National Single Window System:
    • An Indian entity wishing to publish a facsimile edition must apply on the National Single Window System.
    • The application should be made for obtaining approval from the Central Government. 
  2. Guidelines and Approval by the Ministry:
    • The entity must adhere to the Guidelines formulated by the Ministry for this purpose, available on the National Single Window System.
    • The Ministry processes the application, seeks additional information if necessary, and grants approval for publishing the facsimile edition.
  3. Communication of Approval:
    • The Ministry communicates the approval along with specified terms and conditions on the National Single Window System. 
  4. Application to Press Registrar General on Press Sewa Portal:
    • Within fifteen days of receiving approval, the Indian entity applies to the Press Registrar General on the Press Sewa Portal.
    • The application includes the necessary documents specified in the Press Sewa Portal.
  5. Payment of Fees on Bharat Kosh:
    • Along with the application, a fee of rupees ten thousand is paid on Bharat Kosh using the specified payment modes.
  6. Processing by Press Registrar General:
    • The Press Registrar General processes the application, ensuring correctness and completeness.
    • Additional information obtained from the entity or comments received from the Ministry on the Press Sewa Portal are considered.
  7. Issuance of Certificate of Registration:
    • If satisfied, the Press Registrar General issues a certificate of registration to the entity, allowing for the publication of the facsimile edition in India.
  8. Commencement of Publication:
    • The entity can commence the publication of the facsimile edition in India only after receiving the certificate of registration.
  9. Consequences of Unauthorized Publication:
    • If the entity begins publication before obtaining the certificate of registration, the Press Registrar General may refuse to grant the certificate.
    • The Ministry may be informed about such unauthorized publication, and the approval granted may be subject to suspension or cancellation

It's essential for the entity to closely follow the guidelines, obtain necessary approvals, and complete the registration process as outlined in the Act and associated rules.