Intimation of the Printing Press

Intimation of the Printing Press:

Under the recently enacted Press and Registration of Periodicals (PRP) Act of 2023, individuals serving as Printers or Keepers of Printing Presses are required to promptly inform both the Press Registrar General and the specified authority in their respective districts about the commencement of a new press within 30 days of its initiation. It is crucial to emphasize that, according to the PRP Act of 2023, a "printer" is identified as the proprietor or custodian of a printing press. Additionally, a "keeper" is an individual responsible for the day-to-day management of a printing press, the proprietorship of which belongs to a non-individual entity.

The term "printing," within the context of this legislation, specifically pertains to the reproduction of a periodical disseminating news and current affairs, employing any technology that entails mass production of copies, with the exclusion of photocopying.

Utilizing the Press Sewa Portal, Printers have the capability to perform following functions online, streamlining administrative processes in compliance with the PRP Act of 2023.

Intimation on Press Sewa Portal:

  • Within thirty days of starting the printing press, send an intimation to the Press Registrar General and the specified authority on the Press Sewa Portal.
  • Provide the necessary particulars and documents as specified in the Press Sewa Portal during the intimation process.
  • In case the press was already declared under the section 4 of the PRB Act 1867, a copy of the section 4 document needs to be uploaded.

Intimation of Changes in Particulars:

If there are any changes in the particulars provided in the initial intimation, Printer can inform the Press Registrar General and the specified authority promptly through the portal.

Mapping the publications being printed by the Press:

Printer can map all the publications being printed from his press through the Press Sewa Portal thus ensuring compliance with the rules and guidelines outlined in the Press and Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023,